But nobody is singing serenades under my balcony!

That’s true. Under my balcony they are also not singing serenades nowadays. However, I am quite sure that they want to, only they forgot how it is to be romantic. And how wonderful it feels when you are making a little miracle for one person.

I’m quite sure that it’s better to begin with yourself. Do I do romantic things? Sometimes, not very often.

How often do I want romance? Everyday.

What I realized is that a lot of people have a totally different perception of being romantic. One respects a  special atmosphere, the other enjoys something special in regular things.

I get a very special feeling when we for instance cook together and touch each others hand, trying food. You choose together a recepy, prepare things side by side. Better to choose a long recepy with a long waiting. You’ll be together in a small kitchen waiting for a Christmas turkey for 3-4 hours. Somehow you speak about things, which you usually don’t speak about. And it’s a lot of fun. It’s all not about what you are doing, but how you’re doing it.

You can also go traditional. Candles, music. For me this one is also a big pleasure. But I personally miss in this part a little bit of adventure. Because it is just a banality. When you go romantic, it’s just always candles, music. Which are nice, but not surprising. But because you have an association, you find it romantic. Besides music and candles there should be something more.

And here is my motto for the next year: To surprise each other and being romantic you don’t need a piece of paper (hence it’s a nice begin). We’re to think about it everyday and learn each other see romance in small.

Why? Because it colors life!

Let’s finally climb high and search for a cat in the rain!

What do you find romantic? And how often do you intiate something yourself?

Please share in the field bellow.

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