Dear Bride,

I write you this letter because I’ve also been there. In 2010 I received a wedding proposal from my boyfriend. That we would marry one day was not unexpected. But after the proposal it took us one whole year to prepare for the wedding, as I come from Russia and really wanted my family and close friends would be with me on this important day.

You know there are people who make a party. When they enter a room the sun starts shining. It’s just their nature to be everywhere. For them it’s easy to be in the centre of attention. Neither my husband, nor I have this natural talent.

We prepared the wedding together: watching the venues, going to wedding excibitions, etcetera. However, we didn’t know for sure what we were looking for. The only thing we knew was that we wanted to make it comfortable for our Russian en Dutch guests.

We had a nice wedding day, don’t worry. Only we didn’t take into account what it would be like to be in the centre of attention. If you would ask me, what I would have done different, then I would have tried to put more of myself in this wedding in order to enjoy it more.

I have no plans to marry a second time. I can’t plan a new wedding for myself. But I can help you!

My share of happiness is seeing more brides, who are comfortable with themselves during their own dream wedding.

Except for weddings I’m passionate about my husband and two sons, a new book with a cup of minttea, cooking delicious meals and discovering new interesting people and places.


XX, Anna Joostensz