Since I stepped in into a wedding business, I started often hearing a question if my services are required at the market at all? My conversation partners have a point. Nowadays, people are getting married less. And if they are getting married, they prefer not to jeopardize a budget even more by hiring a professional wedding planner. We, wedding planners, are often seen as a stuff, which you wonderfully can do without.
Nevertheless, I can think about hundreds of reasons, why you would need a help of a wedding planner during your wedding day and beyond it. In today’s blog I want to share 5 particular examples, where without a wedding planner a couple would have a difficult time.

WHEATHER. I live in Holland. And here I can blindly copy the stereotype about London. If it doesn’t rain now, it can rain 5 minutes later. It can rain all day, but it can also stop after 5 minutes. There is a very precise website with the clouds satellite, which all Dutch people use in order to plan outdoor activities. But imagine, that your wedding planning is written in minutes. An the morning of the wedding you get to see, that the rain scheme is more intense, than when you were looking at the weather yesterday? This happened to me, when I worked with one of my couples. The rain forecast was changing rapidly. The bride was ready to leave the house, when an unpredictable wall of rain had happened. Besides, that you can’t walk to the car, it is problematic to walk as such, without making your beautiful dress dirty before the wedding itself. What did I do? When a rain calmed down a bit, we accompanied a bride and a groom to the car with a big wedding umbrella. I called a wedding location owner and asked his permission to realize a plan B and make a photoshoot happen inside the location (it was primarily planned outside). I called reception vendors and gave them a task to prepare a reception inside. And now imagine, that instead of just enjoying your wedding preparation and meeting each other in gorgeous outfit, you are to monitor a weather forecast and to make calls to change the plan with your vendors? Imagine, that when you all finally approach a wedding venue, a rain will be over and a sun will be shining? Exactly! I had to turn the reception back to outside.

VENDORS. Usually in Holland they follow the appointment. However, as a wedding planner I send a time schedule couple of weeks before the wedding, I resend it a day before the wedding and I check up with all involved into the wedding parties on the wedding day itself. However, be prepared, that even when you’ve sent a map of the venue and you’d think that when, nowadays, everybody have a car navigation system, nobody is getting lost. You’re mistaken. They still are. At the same wedding a band with 7 musicians drove to a wrong venue. How? They didn’t read my last emails. I was guiding them on the phone in order to let them come to the right place.

VENUE CAPACITY. Have you been to the kitchen of the venue? Do you know their sanitary conditions. Do you know how many stuff member will be available during the wedding? Who will be a responsible person? Did you check to which electricity group every particular plug in the dancing hall belongs? During the same wedding, I’ve learnt that the location management will not be attentive on that. I was to check that the DJ didn’t put all his apparats to the same electricity group. What happens if you don’t check it, it can burn out, just in the middle of your dancing feast! You will stand with your guests in the darkness and silence.

LEADING A GROUP. Imagine it already happened. The electricity is out during your dancing feast? It can break a party, but it can also bring extra romance. Every guest should get a candle for example and sing a romantic song together. No panic at all. And it creates time for a wedding planner to challenge a location manager an fix an electricity in the middle of the night.

DOES EVERYBODY HAS EVERYTHING? There is nothing worse during the wedding, than when the toilette paper in the toilette is finished. When the giveaways are forgotten to spread out among the leaving guests. When a speech is too long,.. or too short. When a food is not served at the same time.  When the presents are lost. When the guests are coming to the evening party, and the couple is not back from their suit yet.

You probably ask yourself, if it’s even possible for a human to oversee all the situations, which might happen (and might not) during the wedding day. Off course not! But a wedding planner would have a chance to oversee it more, because of experiences during other weddings. But that’s not the most important reason, why to take a wedding planner. You need a wedding planner to overtake a responsibility for handling the situations arise and making fast and decent decisions, so you can further enjoy your wedding day.

Wat was your most strange, ridiculous or awkward experience while visiting a friends’ or family members’ wedding? Please share in the field bellow.

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